Welcome to Stanzen Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Stanzen found its humble beginnings in 1981 with a forging of  partnership  by S. R. Uday and S. V. Kulkarni, The initial products manufactured were motor core laminations using power presses catering mainly to customers manufacturing AC and DC motors, Alternators and Generators.

Our Manufacturing unit, Stanzen Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2010 to cater to Toyota’s business expansion due to its foray into the small car market, later in 2013 it began the supply of Automobile Components to Toyota Kirloskar Motor as a Tier 1 supplier and to other Tier 1 Toyota Group Companies, presently this unit supplies Body and Suspension related Parts, Instrument Panel Press Parts, Seat Belt housings and welded sub assemblies.

Stanzen possess  capability of design and development of Dies and Fixtures and our manufacturing capabilities include Tandem and Progressive Stamping, Stationary Spot weld / Robotic spot weld, Manual / Robo C02 weld, rivetting and clinching.

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