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Career Positions provide for a wide range of pay and the flexibility to earn salary based upon responsibilities, performance and value at Stanzen. Career Positions place more weight on the individual’s worth to the company and less weight on the evaluated level of jobs. Individuals can be rewarded better for their significant contributions, achieve results and enhance their skills and abilities. Career Positioning is shift from "entitlements" to "true rewards". 

Members working at Stanzen are continually encouraged, through various forms of incentives, to explore and fulfil their innate abilities and implement them in the workings of the organisation. Employees stay motivated and strive for innovation in various aspects of their professional lives: be it in the manufacturing process. 

Our employees are given every opportunity to excel and be a shining star of our galaxy. People who have an inherent desire to excel are handed the ladder to success at Stanzen. The organization performs the role of a mentor as well, guiding employees to realize their true potential and achieve vertical career growth. 

All work and no benefits make for a very disgruntled employee. We offer our members various benefits that cover various aspects of the work culture. The foremost benefit we offer is a pay scale that is at par with industry standards and not a constraint for the right candidate.

To make the work life of our valuable members more interesting, we send them to international seminars and exhibitions that allow them to broaden their horizon and progress in their careers.

If you are interested with working with us, please send your resumes to (while mailing don’t forget to mention subject line as your field of experience ex: Sub: QA Head with 8 Yrs of Experience)
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