To be a world-class, innovative and progressive organization, by catering sheet metal parts to all Leading Automobile Brands.

To build highly successful businesses based on:

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Highest priority on creative excellence.
  • Efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Management Direction and Systems have a primary focus on “Safety First”. The workday starts with morning exercise followed by KY Meetings. Trainings are conducted on use and importance of PPE as well as standard work procedures. Top Management, customer and internal audits on safety are done on a regular basis. We believe that good 5S is key to improving working environment and avoid accidents.

At Stanzen, we emphasise on ownership of process and the Team Associate is primarily responsible for Quality. Small group activities using 7 QC tools are carried out to promote the “Quality Mind” among all employees.

We also ensure design reviews at the tooling and process design stage to ensure pokayoke (fail safes) in the process.

We follow pattern production system, with fixed time and variable quantity method in our press line and levelled production (Heijunka) in welding line. 

We strive to ensure first time ok and treat all next process as customer and fulfil their demand, as a Management philosophy TQM is adopted in the company

We ensure competitive advantage to the customer in terms of cost by putting our continiual best efforts to reduce cost by eliminating muda and muri in every processes by implementing best practices in the industry.

More than 80% of parts we manufacture are ordered by our Customers through KanbanSystem, and we are using Kanbans internally between processes.

All processes work on a pull system using Heijunka Post for levelled production in the Weld Lines and pattern and lot production posts in the Press Lines. Through this we ensure inventory is controlled on the shop floor and production can be visualised. We endeavour to strive for one piece flow and pull production.

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