Quality is a Way of life at Stanzen. All products are manufactured according to technical drawings.  Japanese manufacturing systems apply including kanban system. Process are subjected to high standards of control.
  • Hood Lock
  • Spring Seat
  • Knuckle Bkt
  • Fuel Inlet Box
  • FR Cross Member
  • S/A Suspension Spring
  • R/F Suspension Member
  • We also specialize in manufacturing of safety related parts such as Seat belt housing and Air bag housing for varied customers.
Upper Body Parts/ Lower Body Parts
Suspension Part
Instrument Panel Parts   
Safety Parts
Air Bags Parts


Stanzen over the years has developed the capability to design Dies, both progressive and tandem stage tools internally. We are capable of in house machining of Press tool components and we use a dedicated vendor base for large projects. We also design and manufacture fixtures as per customer specifications.

Design Software

  • Tool Design:- Solid works R14
  • Sheet Metal Application:- Quick Press, Quick Form
  • Autocad:-  Autocad R14


  • Press: Our press line up has the capability to handle components up to 300tons. We manufacture components using both stage and coil fed progressive tools. We currently have the capability to manufacture components in the tolerance range of +/- 0.02 mm
  • Welding: We currently engage in CO2 Arc and Robo welding, Spot and Nut Welding of our components, apart from assembly processes. The Line layouts are designed to ensure one piece flow. All parts are within the strike zone of the operator and adequate care is taken to ensure good workability keeping in mind the ergonomics of the operator. Line conditions are visualised to the maximum extent to ensure good control.



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